Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Only the best for Karson

As a mom you always want the best for your children....I mean it's just basic instinct!  We carried them for nine months where we got so attached already that we can't help but always try to make the right decision in raising them.  I even find myself saying to Brandon..."don't drop him!" Although I know he never would, it's just my mommy nature.  All that weighed true even when I was trying to decide on a Pediatrician!  I mean I can still remember my pediatrician to this day.  His name was Dr. Davis and I loved going to see him.  I was sad when I had gotten to old to go see him and I had to switch to a family doctor.  And I really wanted that same kind of thing to happen with Karson.

Well, once again it all just falls right into place.  I had searched and searched, got peoples recommendations, even finally decided who I was going to use; and then we just happened to go over to the awesome Brandon and Nicole Berry's  house (she's a fellow blogger as well) the week before we had Karson.  Right before we left she asked me if I had found a pediatrician and I said I've been looking, settled on one, but still not sure.  She highly recommended Parkside and so I came home and got online.  They always recommend going to do a walk through or meeting the office and all that kind of stuff and I have to say that night looking at their website I just knew that was where we were going to go.  At that time I was not even sure where it was located in relation to our house, but we were going to drive to it!  I couldn't have been led into a better decision!  Let me just tell you Parkside Pediatrics is just wonderful.  Dr. Jones happened to be on call when we had Karson so that's who we saw in the hospital and who we have seen for Karson's checkups, but I know I could see any doctor in that office and feel comfortable.  The front desk is so sweet, the nurses are patient (yet super fast when giving shots...I am pretty impressed), the doctors really want to spend time with you and answer any questions you may have (which is big when your a new parent) and somehow they still manage to get us in and out as quick as possible.  "Going to the doctor" is usually not something we want to do but I actually look forward to seeing all their smiling and friendly faces when we go.  They have created an atmosphere in that office that is just contagious!  If you leave their unhappy it's all you because I promise someone was nice enough to you while you were there to make you smile! So as if you could not tell....it's my turn to pass the good news to all my friends that I would highly recommend them myself to anyone in the Simpsonville Greenville area or anyone willing to make the drive because it's worth it!

Brandon asked me the other day, "So do you think we will take our next baby to Parkside?!?" and I gave him that are you crazy look and he just laughed because he knows that's how much I appreciate their service!  Of course we will take ALL of our children to Parkside!!!

Karson with Dr. Jones at his 4 month checkup....
Yes, I am one of those moms I have to have a picture to look back on :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

I'm kinda addicted!

So...I usually just blog about our family and Karson but I just have to say I found a new thing that I love....and some of y'all have already heard about it and to most it is "old news" but my cousin sent me an email and so I finally decided I'm gonna check this thing out.  Well it was ahhhmazing!  Can't believe I have been missing out on this....It's a glorified organizing board to me!  No more of having to tear out of magazines things I love or want to hold on to for ideas for the future.  No more having to organize them once I tear them out so I don't lose them....It's all right there on this website for me!  And its called PINTEREST!!!  Seriously I really do love it and I even love the extra ideas I find on there that I might have missed just tearing out of magazines.  So that's what I have been up to lately...whether DIY projects, looking at big houses, wanting to shop because of all the clothes I see, or party ideas!!!  I just think its amazing.  And for some reason I think someone has to send you an email or something to invite you....so if you wanna join just send me an email.  But just be ware....you may find yourself on there and not getting other things done :)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Summer's End

Well I cannot believe the summer is coming to an end.  Although....I feel like when you're not in school or college anymore you kinda have to enjoy summer like you do every other season.  Just when you can because of work!  Until that day we have a pool in the backyard which I know we will have one day!  But We went to the beach one last time with my parents and once again Karson was a champ!  He loved being outside.  The guys played golf in the morning and then we would all hit the beach in the afternoon.  It always worked out perfect for me to feed Karson then us go right down to the beach and it be nap time. This child loves to nap on the beach.  It was perfect and so much fun once again.  We even ended up with a little pool of water that was so warm we decided to sit Karson down in it when he woke up and he even loved that.  I cannot wait to see his little self walking around on the beach next year.  I think we will have our hands full chasing him :)

We stayed in the Isle of Palms in Charleston and it was awesome.  The house was on the marsh and such a nice place to sit outside at night and enjoy the peacefulness of the place.  Wish we could have stayed longer!

We got to spend time with David, Miranda and Christopher since we had not seen them in awhile either.  Put Karson with their family and he definitely looks like his daddy!

And right before we left I decided to take Karson down to the dock to take a couple pictures to mark his four months.
I love this picture of them just hanging out the last morning we were there!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Karson's photo shoot

We took Karson to his first birthday party for our best friends little girl Annley.  Of course he won't remember it too much other than me taking pictures to show him one day,  but we sure did have a lot of fun.  We got to spend the night with Matt and Rebecca and then enjoy doing all it takes to make your child feel so special on their big day!  Annley decided she wanted a pool party so they did a great job planning for it.  We stayed after the party and Matt's dad cooked supper for all of us....oh yum!!! It was SO good!!! (and being a mama who cooks quite a bit it was nice to have a break and enjoy someone elses food)

Karson and his girls...gettin some love from Alaina
While waiting on supper Rebecca decided to take a couple snapshots of Karson.  She of course is a wonderful stay at home mom, but also does photography so once I saw the pictures I decided that could be Karson's 3 month photoshoot!  And I was not disappointed.  She has always done a great job and I have to say I love her work.  I also love her because she will actually give you the CD to have and print off as many pictures as you want.  Some photographers of course say that is crazy and I can understand because they use it at their full time income but like I said....she is a stay at home mom first but she loves to help others out by capturing perfect moments and I am so glad she does cause she captured some cute ones of Karson!

This is my FAVORITE!

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