Monday, April 25, 2011

Shouldn't there be a Doctor in here!

When you get pregnant everyone is so excited "ahh yay, you're having a baby," "you're gonna be so cute," "you are gonna love it" but no one tells you as fun as it are gonna be tired, you are gonna be sick, and your clothes aren't gonna fit!  And then its the "ahh giving birth is the easy part, its the raising them!" hahaha!!!!

What an experience having a baby is especially the first one when you have no idea what to expect!  But a memorable one when you get to share the whole thing with your best friend!!  I chose not to take any  birthing classes because the way I saw it was regardless when it's time the baby is coming whether you were warned ahead of time or not. We had talked about it and decided Brandon would be my sweet friend up at my head just making sure I was okay while going through the whole process :) He wasn't real interested in "seeing" the whole thing. I have always been around children, changing diapers, loving on them, carrying them around like they were my own since as long as I can remember; but having your own is different!

And so our story begins....My doctors were awesome all throughout the pregnancy!  I loved them all and knew no matter who I had deliver Karson it was going to be perfect.  So I went in for my checkup and the Doctor decided I was far enough along he would induce me...after-all Dr. Gower was on call that night and the whole next morning and I loved him so it worked out great!!  We loaded up the car, headed to the hospital, and then called the family :) Of course they all wished they had been there right then, but we explained to them Karson would not be here til sometime tomorrow. They started me with Pitocin and I can remember being in so much pain...of course the part no one warned you about...."Oh the epidural is the miracle drug"...okay but how bout that time before you get that :) So we were sitting there and I was holding on and doing good for a while and then the contractions got closer and closer and still no pain meds.  "So this is what real labor is like!" I say as I look at my husband sitting beside me being the best partner (might I add I never had to tell him to Shut Up or your bothering me or anything!!) and then the contractions got worse and now its "So Adam & Eve made all of this pain happen!"  And then Dr. Gower finally came in and said you can have an epidural anytime you want..."I'll take that right now!!" And after that it was smooth sailing!! Finally relaxed again. 

Thanks to my husband for his great photo capturing skills!!
 We had the best nurse we could ever ask for...her name was Tammy and finally after my epidural we were all cutting up having a good time.  She walked in one time laughing and saying something about the nurses out there talking about "teach me how to dougie" and then my dear husband says "how bout the stanky leg" and of course having not seen the stanky leg before they are now on the computer you tubing the stanky leg while I am laying in the bed.  Just a few hours later I complained to Tammy that I could feel my contractions again as if I had no epidural and she said well let me check you.  She proceeds to say well honey I could get you some more medicine but you're ready to push....and now let the fun begin..."Daddy you grab that leg and I have this one over here!" And I can remember the look on Brandon's face like wait this isn't what we had planned! And the look on my face of I don't care what the plan was change of plans we are getting this baby out :)

With just the three of us in there, Tammy says "okay, push!" and Brandon says "wooooo, don't we need to get a doctor in here!" Tammy's reply of "oh no, not yet we're good!" sends that look to Brandon's face of once again no one warned me about this! And here I am just pushing away as much as I can because I am gonna have this baby!!!  After 15 minutes, "Oh I can see his head...come on girl, you were born to push" our sweet little nurse explains! And then Daddy replies "We really need a Doctor in here I don't think I am qualified for this :)"

Oh what a fun memory now as I look back on it...In walks the Doctor. (Dr. Troutman delivered Karson which once again could not have been a more perfect doctor to have there that day) Daddy still at one leg, Tammy at the other, and one more nurse waiting on Baby Karson.  And five minutes later Karson arrived at 2:39 PM on April 15, 2011....weighing 6 pounds 2 ounces and 20 inches long!

And what a miracle of an experience!  What an awesome day!! We laugh and cut up about everything that went on that day and how we could not have asked for a better nurse, but we also are in awe of the way God has created life!  Who knew you could love something so quickly.  That you could fall in love right there...or better yet that you have fallen in love with him long before you get to meet him face to face and now you see him for the first time and realize all the reasons you love him even more!  And yet the feeling is mutual he lays right there on your chest and he realizes this is his comfort being outside the womb. 

Only God can create such a Masterpiece!!!

And then there were Three!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Showers of Blessings!!!

Brandon and I were in awe of all the love and support we were given at our baby shower in Sumter.  It was just a true blessing to see all of our friends and family who love and care about us take the time to celebrate this special little boy with us.  The hostess (Kelliegh, Mechelle, Jordan, Lisa, and Nancyhunter) did an awesome job putting the whole shower together.  And I have to say thank you, thank you, thank you cause they really made the day so special! Some people even traveled just to be there with us and it was such a treat to see them. 

Everyone was so gracious to us and I was overwhelmed as I opened all of the gifts that were brought to us. Karson is one loved little boy long before he has even arrived.  From the clothes, to the little toys, picture frames, stroller, blankets, and diapers they each were special gifts to us knowing they all had a meaning from who gave them to us.  And I still can walk in his room and look at something and it brings a smile to my face thinking back on our shower day knowing I am so blessed to have amazing people in our life!

So needless to say once all the opening was done I had to call his Daddy and have him come by and see all the wonderful things we would be packing in the car to take back to Greenville with us. 

But there was also one gift that I knew I wanted him to see in person before we packed it up.  A gift that was given to Karson by very special people in Brandon's life.  People that Brandon call his second mom and dad!  Mr. Buddy and Mrs. Donna Rivers.  As long as Brandon and I have been together I have heard stories of spending time on the Rivers Farm and growing up with John, their son and Brandon's best friend.  Some stories that make me laugh...maybe because Brandon can't even finish them without laughing himself; and then some that make me think how did y'all manage that! And then there are the ones of "Mr. Buddy really got onto us for this!" But from hearing Brandon share his memories with me I have grown myself to love Mr. Buddy and Mrs. Donna, and even now John and Hanna will always be some of our greatest friends!   So what was it you ask?  Karson's very first 20 gauge shotgun!!  Oh the look on the proud Daddy's face when he saw that his son already had his first shotgun...yes indeed it was priceless! 

But is it just a it's more than's Karson getting to meet Mr. Buddy and Mrs. Donna..and him one day growing up with "Mr. John and Mrs. Hanna's"'s the dreams of Daddy taking Karson hunting and riding him around the farm sharing stories of him and his best buddy John hunting and growing up on Rivers Farm!