Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

Well what a wonderful experiencing to celebrate my very first Mother's Day!!  My parents decided to come up here for the weekend to celebrate with us and I just loved being able to have my mom here for Mother's Day as we shared this holiday as moms together for the first time.  I've always looked up to my mom and even becoming a wife and taking care of my husband I became more in awe of her as to how in the world she could work a job, keep our house clean, have supper on the table every night, and still find time to love us and make us feel special!!  I find myself tired over the smallest things and then I think of the love she had for us and oh how I often took that for granted.  How she always did and did for us and I never realized what all it took out of her....until I walked in her shoes and now have a family of my own!!

Brandon was awesome and decided that me and mom could go shopping on Saturday and he would "babysit" Karson for the first time ever!  With Karson only being three weeks old I assured him it should be a fairly easy task because all he is doing is eating and sleeping.... and we should be back in time for him to eat oh and you may have to change a diaper to :) Well with it being my first time out and about mom and I realized real quickly we weren't gonna be home in time for me to feed him!  When you get the two of us together we usually become very gifted in the shopping area :) So I walked Brandon through giving him the bottle in the fridge and believe it or not they all survived!! 

Sunday was such a special mother's day gift from Brandon was a new Mac laptop.  We have not had a family computer in about 2 years or so we have always used his work computer and he finally decided we would get a family one again!! Yay what a great present.  And then he had a sweet card from Karson with a mani/pedi gift card in it..which meant another day out for mommy and daddy gets to "babysit"....He already knew what I needed :)  I loved having mom and dad here to celebrate with as well and of course going to our church home was just a great addition to a wonderful Mother's Day!!!

And as the day closed out I told Brandon I think this may be one of my new favorite holidays!  You know everyone always ask you what's your favorite holiday and I think I can say Mother's Day!  Not so much even because its a day to pamper mommy....but for me it was a reminder to me as to why I do all I do.  It helped me to realize I take care of my husband and my sweet baby because I love to.  And although it takes quite the energy out of me to do all that I want to for them it's also the gift God has given me.  And may I never take a day for granted that I take care of them because it's my calling!! And to see my family honor me was just a small reminder to me that everything I do whether seen or done behind closed doors for them is all absolutely worth it!!  Becoming a mom has showed me more of my worth and why I am here and I am so honored to have this as a new roll.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Visiting hours are....around the clock!!

Right after Karson was born Brandon and I spent some time with him just talking to him and loving on him. We cried, we prayed, we smiled.... It was such an awesome time where we were able to thank the Lord for the blessing He has given us and dedicate Karson to Him the one who has allowed us to be his parents and raise him.  I will forever remember spending that time as just a family and always cherish that moment.

And then course all the grandparents have been waiting patiently out in the waiting room just wondering when they are ever gonna get back there to see their grandson and so we finally had the nurse go get them.  The moment they had all been waiting on!!!  Tears began to roll down both Grandma and Nana's face as they just stood in awe of our precious blessing. 

Grandma and Grandpa loved on Karson and sat there admiring their first grandbaby!  What a fun road ahead!! (and a side note...with this being their first they still haven't come up with what they want to be called...any ideas?!?!)

Nana and Pops loved meeting Karson and welcoming into the world their second grandson! (Christopher was their first grandson which is where they got their names...Nana and Pops!)  

It was just amazing how many visitors we had at the hospital!! From the time they were rolling me out of labor and delivery to our mother baby room there were people already in the waiting room.  I remember seeing the whole Talley crew standing right there and showing off baby Karson as they rolled us to our room. We loved seeing everyone who came to celebrate with us the birth of our precious little boy. 

Aunt Ryane came up from Sumter, along with Kelly Baker, Lexie, Aunt Gail, and Gma Sylvia.  If only Aunt Ryane was still at Clemson so she could come babysit!

Papa Jack was in Clinton with Mr. Scott at a field trial when they got the phone call that Karson was on his way into the world...yes Karson believe it or not Jake and Nick took a backseat to you for your birth day :)
Four Generations

The whole Lowder crew showed up!!  Uncle Clay, Aunt Kelliegh, Clayton, Coker, and Liza.  They all loved holding Karson and even brought him his first football with KC on it.  Uncle Clay was very proud of his name sake!

Aunt JoJo finally made it from Alabama and we were so excited for her to meet Karson!! She loved on him and could not believe how tiny he was!

Karson's cousin Christopher was so anxious to meet him they made the trip from Charlotte the next day and spent some time with us.  Uncle David and Aunt M couldn't believe Mama and Daddy had finally added a baby to our family.  They loved on him and even Uncle David held him!! Cousin Christopher was just tickled to finally get to meet his Cousin Karson!

Our best friends from Asheville made the trip to come see us.  They were the very first ones to even know we were pregnant!  We had to tell someone and Mama knew Rebecca would be the one she would want to talk to about everything every step of the way!  Matt and Rebecca loved on Karson and even brought Karson's girlfriends Annley and Alaina to meet him.

Our friends from Greenville stopped by and we were so exciting to see them and their little ones!  It was special to have them come visit Karson since they spent time praying with us for him before he ever entered the world!  They truly are wonderful friends to have and we are blessed to have them in our life.  We know they are gonna be awesome Pastor's of RWOC of Charlotte.  Ella and Allie came with them....Ella loved on Karson and Allie enjoyed playing out in the hallway :)

So many people who loved Karson from the beginning and such wonderful memories to always cherish!