Monday, July 25, 2011

A trip down Cooper Lane!

We finally found time that fit all of our schedules for us to go out to see our second family again!  Or better yet more like our first family because Caroline and Cooper were like our own kids long before Karson entered this world :) I started keeping Caroline (aka: Gracie, Sassy, GG and on and on) when she was 4 months old...and I am pretty sure she was 6 months old when Crystal told me she was expecting again!  And just a few short months later Cooper (aka: Bobby, Bay, and on and on) entered the world. It was a day full of memories from the start!! And when Brandon and I found out we were expecting we decided to make the decision for me to stay home with Karson which was quite difficult because I felt like I was leaving my first two children behind. But one thing is for sure they will always be apart of our life! Most of my recent knowledge on raising kids came from keeping these two for so long and following the schedule Crystal had them on.  She definitely taught me a lot!  So much that sometimes I laugh because Karson seems to be on the same schedule they were on.  Good thing is I was used to that so it made adjusting quite simple!

 Honestly, I am not sure who was more excited about this play date.  I'm pretty sure it had been 12 weeks since we had seen them last so Brandon and I were dying to play with them as much as they wanted to see us (and "baby Karson")  Of course we have had several conversations on the phone and I hear we make their prayer list quite often, but nothing compares to being with everyone and playing! We planned to go over at 7 and Crystal texted me at 6:15 when Gracie woke up from her nap and she said "why are they not here yet!"

What fun we had....You know they are like your family when you just pick up right where you left off last time!!! I told Crystal I would bring dessert which I decided to just take the cake and make it there because everyday Gracie used to ask me "Um, DD Can we make a craft today? Are we gonna bake something today?" So I knew we would enjoy that and yes we did!  They loved taking turns holding baby Karson and they were oh so excited to tell us ALL they had been doing this summer (or better yet show us!)  Bobby took us straight upstairs as soon as we got their to show us his new lightning mcqueen bed, Gracie had to tell us all about swimming, Bobby is so proud he is potty trained now, and Gracie had to show us how she could ride her bike! (needless to say it was nonstop the whole time we were there!) Karson fit right in and just went along with everything we were doing (he is definitely good at that)

I think we finally left around 10:30 after Gracie asked if she could spend the night with DD tonight!!  I sure am glad she still loves us that much! We decided once Karson gets a little bigger her and Cooper  could come spend the night with us again!

And this is a good summary of what everyday would be like if I was still keeping them!

Of course I had to capture us creating memories that night!  Brandon always says I should just capture "mental memories" (who is he kidding...he knows me better than this :) And I'm so glad I always have captured memories with them because I got home that night and looked back through some of my pictures of them! Oh the laughs and fun times we have had.....and oh how big they have gotten.  One thing is for sure we are so thankful our paths crossed 3 1/2 years ago.  Now they will always be a part of our life!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Short and Sweet

I have this on my refrigerator and I love reading it everyday!  It's such a good reminder for me so thought I would share it....Karson is such a blessing to our family and I hope I always do my best to Bless him back as he grows up!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Can You Relate?!?

"Don't Blink" I am sure this is something every mother has said to herself before and I have caught myself saying it several times just in Karson's three months so far....but it hit me once again as I finally decided to clean out his drawers and closet and put his newborn clothes up in storage for now.  I can't believe how fast they grow!  I remember him being too little for his newborn clothes at one point and then I wake up and the next day he has outgrown his newborn clothes and welcome 3 months!  People talk about cherishing these moments and not missing a thing and I've come to realize what a blessing it is to be a stay at home mom.  I am so grateful that we decided long ago that when we had kids I would stay home with them.  I am blessed to have a husband who understands the power of a stay at home mom and has made it work for us!  It's not the easiest job, and it doesn't pay (per say in the natural world) BUT its definitely the most rewarding!!  And although I used to be a perfectionist I find myself now saying "what schedule" little man has taught me that the laundry can will still be there tomorrow and possibly the next, the bathroom can stay dirty one more day, and the floor can be vacuumed later....oh yeah and I guess we're going out to eat tonight because we have no food in the house!!

And as I sit and think about our day to day "routine" or better yet lack there of I laugh and think...

Can You other Mama's Relate?

*Thinking today is the day we're gonna get on a schedule...only to realize the little one has other plans!

*Always having 3-4 paci's on hand everywhere we go (especially the front of the car)

*Crying like there is something terribly wrong...only for me to pick him up and him smile at me (I got you again Mama!)

*That swing is really supposed to entertain you longer than 5 minutes

*Okay he is finally time to get as much housework done as quick as possible.

*What only a 30 minute are supposed to sleep longer than this!

*And yet another day without a shower therefore not leaving the house to go anywhere!

*Baby on the hip, trying to get supper together, and talking on the phone to Daddy (wondering when he is coming home to help)

*Me: "Daddy can you watch him while I shower"
  Daddy: "How long are you gonna be?"
  Me: "10 Minutes you think you can handle that?"
  Daddy: "Just hurry"
  Me: "I've been with him all day, you can handle 10 minutes Daddy!!!"...
      .....I get out the shower to hear Karson crying and go in there and get him from Daddy to snuggle up   
  Daddy replies "Why will he not do that for me"

*Looking at the house at the end of the day thinking...what have I done all day?!?! (oh yeah...taken care of a baby!)

*Passed out on the couch at 10PM, baby in arms; and thinking, as Gracie used to say, "I've had a busy day!"

And then the sweetness of:

*Karson smiling, cooing, and talking to me like he really is in on this conversation!

*Curling up in the rocking chair together before naptime and having your child just stare in your eyes and smile at you!

*That perfect spot in your arms he likes to curl up in that only he can find!

*My little man finally realizing...I may not know she is "mama" yet but I know I spend a lot of time with her and she takes good care of me!

So I often find myself pretty tired or better yet the end I wouldn't want it any other way! This is what mamas were called to do, and why God created please him in everything we do!!! And although I laugh at some of the craziness that goes along with raising a child I find myself honored that God chose me to be Karson's mom!  And each Mama's story is different, but in God's timing he chose you to be your child's mama because only you can be the perfect mama for him/her!

Beach Bum

Well no doubt about it I am working on turning Karson into a beach baby but I have to admit it hasn't been that hard of a task.  I remember saying to Brandon all the time while I was pregnant...."I sure hope our little man loves to be outside" and I am pretty sure my words are coming true! We went to the beach with Brandon's family for the 4th of July and I was so proud of how great he did!!  We usually tried to make it out to the beach between twelve and one and Karson was there to stay with us until we were ready to go.  Brandon's parents took a tent and set it up and we took his stroller and he would sleep under the tent in his stroller which worked out perfect.  But of course we would also take turns holding him under the tent and loving on him....Yes he would sleep in his stroller, but he definitely preferred to fall asleep in our arms! 

One day Brandon and I got out there about 12:30 with him and we did not head back inside until 6....and yes Karson stayed the whole time.  Everyone around us would come up to us and say, "How old is he?" "He is such a trooper!" And they are so right,....he was such a trooper.  I am so thankful to have a sweet baby who loves being outside as much as we do.  And although this year was somewhat easy...I can only imagine what next year will be like with him running around everywhere!