Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Karson's first Hunt

It's a true statement to say....I married a hunter!  I pick on Brandon a lot of times and tell him I think he would pick hunting over me, and although thats an untrue statement thats the only way I know how to describe how much he loves to hunt.  But really I love it for him's his place to just go and be that little kid.  And I don't blame him because I don't really mind going myself every now and then. (what has he done to me!!) He has many stories from all of his years hunting and I know now only many more to come as Karson gets old enough to hunt.  So ever since we started dating its a known fact that Labor Day Weekend is opening day for Dove Hunting and we would never miss that!  Clay has always opened up his land for people to come hunt and we have always gone out there but this year even Karson got to go!

 Thank goodness for nice weather and a breeze because we stayed outside ALL day long.  I am so glad Karson loves being outside and is such an easy going baby.  He fell asleep in Aunt Ryane's arms at one point....would wake up and eat and then play and laugh at everyone!

My plan was to go out there and stay depending upon how Karson did and well he hung in there with the best of us. By the time all the guys came in from hunting and were throwing the dove on the grill Karson decided he had seen enough and decided to go to sleep.  What better place to sleep then the back of the car!  Some moms would think I am crazy and he needs to be asleep in his bed, but what better way to be "all boy" I just love him!!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Family Traditions

Family Traditions....We all have them, we all have created memories from them, some are new, some have been around before we were ever born, and some we have to choose to leave behind to create news ones of our own.  Whether its a tradition for a birthday, thanksgiving, christmas, vacation, or just something random we all can sit here and think about traditions we have now or had growing up.  We all have enjoyed creating memories as a family and some of them at some point in time were so much fun it was just a known thing.....this needs to become a tradition!

So getting married you learn to try and fit in your family traditions that you grew up with, you keep the ones that mean a lot to you, and then you learn to add new ones as you have your own family.  And that is just what we are in the process of doing!  For instance, we go to Tommy's almost every Saturday that we are in town to go eat breakfast.  We started before we had Karson and now the ladies love seeing us in there and watching Karson grow up.  (which we picked up this tradition from the wonderful children I used to keep...where Cooper used to say..."Mommy, we go to Tommy's?!?") I can't wait for Karson to ask that because he just knows that's what we do!

There is NOTHING in this world I love more than when we spend time together as a family!!  I was so thankful that Brandon took a couple days off from work this week because we did all the family vacations with everyone this summer, and we have been on the go, go, go so it was nice for just the three of us to have time together.  And some may spend everyday together, you live together, but most moms out there know exactly what I am talking about.   Not just time, but quality time.  Time where we sleep in, or better yet lay in the bed with Karson in between us listening to him just talk away! Go for walks, sit outside, grill out for supper.....just have nothing else to answer to other than what we want to do as a family.  It makes my heart smile!  So Brandon decided we should go pick apples.  Not something either of us had ever done, but we had always heard about it and thought it was something to do.  We left early in the morning so it would still be cool outside while picking and that's where we created our newest family tradition!

We went to SkyTop Orchard.....they had Apple Trees everywhere, grapes, peaches, animals you could walk around and look at, and of course places set up for you to take pictures!  The weather was perfect!  We walked around with Karson and picked apples and really just enjoyed each others company along with the beautiful scenery that was surrounding us.  Talk about God's creation.....when we take time to enjoy it, it really can leave you in awe!! This will definitely be something that we continue as Karson will grow to enjoy it when he gets a little bit older.

I am so grateful that God put us together as a family and gave us this precious little boy!!  I can only imagine what our future holds as we continue creating memories that will impact his life and last a lifetime!