Friday, February 24, 2012

First trip to the Zoo!

People often ask us how we like it here in Greenville and my answer still stays the same.  I love Greenville!!! I love it up here!  I love all the stuff I can go and do with Karson as he gets older, I love our downtown area, and I love the friendships I have created up here.  There are just some people that you can go without seeing them for awhile, but when the day comes y'all finally get back together its just a refreshing spirit that flows throughout the atmosphere. And it was nothing short of that the day Karson went to the zoo for the first time!!  My friend Carolyn asked me if we wanted to go enjoy the weather and take the boys to the zoo and of course I couldn't think of anything I would rather do!  Carolyn's little boy Preston was born about a month before Karson so they don't realize it yet, but I am pretty sure they are gonna be buddies growing up!  We laughed as we walked into the zoo cause we realized maybe this was just an excuse for us to get together :)  The boys may not appreciate the zoo just yet, but we appreciate each others company so why not have some fun!

We had an awesome time!!  Carolyn is one of those Mommy's that everyone dreams of.  The ones who have fun, teach their child all kinds of things, loves like no other and really don't care what other people around her think....she is creating memories!  I loved watching her interact with Preston at the Zoo.  And we even laughed a few times as she tried to interact with the monkeys to get them to talk to us!  She really is an awesome Mama!!!  She is an awesome friend to.  You won't see her without a smile on her face or without something genuinely positive to say!  Man if we could all be more like her!!!  So here was our trip to the zoo.  Oh how much fun it was!! I cannot wait to go back!

Carolyn and Preston on such a beautiful day!

trying to get the monkeys to talk to us!

Love the Giraffe and Karson does to...oh wait he loves Sophie the Giraffe!
(yes that would be the theme of his first birthday party gotta love Sophie!)

trying to get a picture of the boys!  They would rather get down and play in the mulch!

what y'all want us both to look at the same time?

Precious blue-eyed baby!!

Oh look another blue-eyed baby!

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