Thursday, March 1, 2012

A day in the life of Karson! (In to EVERYTHING)

I am so behind!! We have been a little bit of everywhere lately and I have a little man who is in to everything!!  So here is to updating the blog with pictures of everything that has been going on.  Oh how I love being his Mama and oh how I love capturing moments that make me smile and laugh.  Everytime we go somewhere people always ask he always this good?  Well I have to say yes...I have been very spoiled/blessed to have a great baby who is happy on the go, happy at home, and will go and do whatever we need to.  Now let his mama walk out of the room, then you will see my not so happy baby :)  So here is just a glimpse of what "in to everything" really means!

It didn't take him long to learn how to climb the steps

Yes thats Cash's water bowl!

Dirty dishes anyone

And yes that the water bowl again!

He's a climber!

Oh yeah he climbed out of his seat and onto the table

who doesn't like playing in the dog food!

And if he would wear a hat...he would so have this one, but he won't keep anything on his head!

Yes I did capture all these moments on my iPhone....and I personally think they are adorable and funny all at the same time.  Don't worry he will learn the word "no" soon enough, but its his time to explore and see new things, and play in new things (even the water bowl!)

And did I mention he eats everything to!  Yes indeed he loves food....and I can have his baby food right there and if he sees my food he no longer wants anything to do with his.  I don't blame him!!  They were worried about his weight in the beginning saying he was tiny but I kept telling them he was fine he will chunk up and sure enough bring on the table food and my little man has put on the pounds!  His favorite right now is spaghetti although he loves a good sweet potato to!

Don't worry no corn on the cob just trying to gnaw on it like Daddy was

How much of this biscuit can I get in my mouth?

his first KK donut!  Yes Daddy knows the way to Mama's heart and brought some home for Valentine's Dessert

Chocolate Chip Pancakes anyone!
And when the days end he gives his hugs and kisses good night to Daddy and I go lay him down to bed.  But there is just something special about a sleeping baby that I cannot resist going back in to check on him every night.  Its just become a routine to check on him (really just watch his precious self sleeping) and then go to bed myself.  

All snuggled up with Gus, his lamb, and his blanket

Paci anyone!
Two at one thats talent

Babies change everything! And you hear it all the time, but you never really understand it fully til you experience it for yourself.  I love this little man so much!!!

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