Monday, February 13, 2012

Beyond Lucky....Blessed!

Usually I find myself posting about Karson.  Mainly because that's what this blog was created for was a way for our family who is out of town to keep up with us and see how Karson is growing and changing.  Well the title of it is Journey Thru "Our" I am kinda taking a turn today as its all about the other man in my dream come true!

Brandon is one of those guys who is always full of surprises!  I can even remember when we were dating he always found the most unique ways to surprise me.  And not even on the special occasion times that you are supposed to, but just out of the blue surprises that he came up with.  We had a wedding to go to one night and after a day of hanging out with him I come home to a brand new dress laying on my bed with matching earrings!  He had to go to NY for training one year and he flew me up there cause it was my birthday weekend and we spent a couple days walking around NY.  He proposed in a Hot Air Balloon...and on top of that the ring he picked out himself...Ahhhmaazing!!  Then a few weeks before the wedding he called the florist and had an arrangement sent to my office full of the flowers I would be carrying down the aisle.  I mean seriously he's the best at surprises.  But as much as I say the word surprises it goes further than that.....It's his way of showing me out of the ordinary how much he appreciates me.  It's his way of showing me how much he loves me!  And I am so thankful he thinks like that for many reasons.
yes he picked it out and the earrings all by himself!

NY with my best friend!

We're Engaged!
I am one of those, just like many others...who if you were to ask you would say you are "Living your Dream!"  As a little girl...I always dreamed of being a wife, a mom, a nurturer, a caregiver.  I watched my mom cook supper every night and just knew one day I would be doing the same thing.  I've been babysitting for as long as I can remember.  It's just been built in me to do those kinds of things.  So now today I love nothing more than to care for my family.  Now, don't get me wrong cleaning the toilets and washing clothes isn't always fun, but I find joy in it because it means I am taking care of my family.  And it was just me and Brandon for the first 4 years where I loved nothing more than taking care of him, fixing his favorite meals and spending all my time with him.  It came easy to spend time together and do fun stuff together because that was all we had.  Then came Karson....a true blessing to us!!!  It's funny how people say I don't know what life was like before we had children.  Well I can remember crazy things Brandon and I did like movie date night in the living room on the aerobed..."drive in movie style" or playing Big Buck Hunter at Frankie's (yes the redneck side of us)  But it was all in fun and laughter!!  We have truly always loved life together.  And it didn't change when Karson came around but we just may go out to eat earlier now or carrying a baby with us walking through the mall or falls park, but he just fit right in to our life.  But being a mom is a full time job, and those who do not think it is....have never stayed at home with their children.  You can seriously find something to do all day long!!! And Karson did add a little more laundry, a little more cleaning up, a little more cooking, and yet I can still say I am living my dream...taking care of my family.

But that's where I admire Brandon even more!!  Cause here's what he has gotten good at.....realizing that I need a break and being willing to help me take that break.  Any mom that is in my shoes is probably just like me.  I can go and go and go and do and do and do, and at the end of the day maybe be tired but still happy because it's what I was called to do!  I absolutely LOVE caring for my family in the best way I know how.  But what Brandon realized was if I didn't take time for myself I will eventually get burned out.  And some moms may think I am ridiculous and y'all never take a break.  I have to say I was there to!!!  Karson is only 10 months old and I went months giving myself away daily but never giving time to myself in return.  It's how we were fashioned.  We can go on forever and not need recognition and still survive and thrive.  (we are pretty awesome like that, right?!?).....Yet also.....that's wearing on ourselves in ways we do not realize.

So Brandon comes in with his surprising self and schedules me a massage one day (while he keeps the baby), or one day he comes home and says go get your toes done....And the ultimate surprise was my recent trip to NYC!  I am telling you what, he has always been full of surprises but being a mama now I kinda put the fun on the back burner because I have family to tend to and if I do not do it, nobody will do it! And I don't like leaving my family at home ever knowing I am having fun somewhere without them.  Brandon has gotten SO good as realizing I need that time....and MAKING me take that time.  I know sounds crazy he has to "make" me, but its true!  And it's just a challenge to other moms out there and husbands out there.....give them that break.  It does not have to be NYC by no means, but that night out with the girls, date night that he plans for y'all, the trip to starbucks and he watches the babies, let them go get their toes done, go get a massage, spend a day at the spa, let them go take a bath for an hour not even be bothered!! And moms.....Accept the Offer!!!  I promise its gonna be okay while you are gone, I promise everything is gonna still be there when you get back, and I promise you don't realize how much you need it....but when you get home you realize how refreshed and renewed your spirit is.  It's okay to be worn out, tired, fact we go and go for so long we don't even realize its that bad til we break! This hit me big time when I went to NY.  I was so excited that Brandon had surprised me with this trip, and I was even more excited to pay my mom back for all those years she had done and done for me and take her with me.  And I have to say we had an awesome time.

 I missed my boys so much while I was gone...there is nothing I love more than the time I spend with them laughing, playing in the front yard, going on walks....but the renewed mind and spirit I had coming back into the house was worth leaving them for a short time!!!  Be willing to take time for yourself, because its not being selfish at all! It's you refreshing yourself to be able to keep doing what you love to do in the end and thats take care of your family!

My favorite times are being with my boys!! 


  1. So special! Looks like y'all had fun!

  2. Adding your blog to my list. :)
    Perfect timing in reading this. Audrey is at her grandparents this weekend while I am getting her big girl room & McIntire's nursery ready. Last night I went to a dinner & movie with my parents and felt so guilty at first because I was away from her. It's a great reminder that we do need breaks. With that said, we'll let the guys & kids hang out sometime while we go grab coffee!!